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Four Traits of Happy People

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Mar. 19th, 2009 | 02:02 pm
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  • Self-esteem. Happy people accept themselves despite their shortcomings. But this self-acceptance should not be confused with self-serving bias which is pride. Healthy self-esteem is positive et realistic.
  • Personal Control. Happy people believe they choose their destinies. One study shows that those who feel that they are in control of their lives also feel positive feelings of happiness. Those surveyed who showed a higher degree of personal control 'typically achieve more in school, cope better with stress, and live more happily.'
  • Optimism. Happy people are hope-filled. They feel energetic about the positive possibilities rather than be depressed by the negative ones. They tend to succeed better in life. A study also showed that optimistic people seem to have better immune defenses, and hence are less susceptible to colds, sore throats and other illness, and recover more quickly than pessimists.
  • Extroversion. Happy people are outgoing. This is confirmed by numerous studies. They are more involved with people and have a larger circle of friends. They more often engage in rewarding social activities and experience more affection.

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